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Calm Before the Storm

Published August 25, 2009 3:46 PM by Nancy Malaga

After the recent flurry of town hall meetings, many blasting healthcare reform, you may have noticed an eerie silence on the debate.

President Obama has retreated to Martha's Vineyard for some reprieve. Congress is taking a break. And Republicans, whom healthcare reform supporters hold responsible for inciting the elderly with tales of billions of dollars in Medicare cuts, are also silent.

But starting today, Democrats will hold 1,000 meetings across the country to muster more support for their embattled healthcare initiative.

Despite calls from the Obama camp for bipartisanship, the Republican lions are already out of their den, preparing to take their piece of flesh - the public option.

Mainstream Democrats won't have it - healthcare for everyone is the reform in healthcare reform.

On the other hand, elder Republicans say drop the whole thing - in the midst of a recession, an overhaul of the healthcare system is just not feasible at this time.

 As the clouds of dissent start to gather when will it rain? Will Obama play politician or Democrat? Will he, as Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut suggests, choose to scale down his plan for total reform and settle for health delivery and insurance reforms?

 Stay tuned: weather next.

posted by Nancy Malaga


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