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Take It All Off, Part Six, The End!

Published September 11, 2009 11:02 AM by Valerie Newitt

I suppose you could read that headline in more ways than one. You could think I mean to take it all off "the end," as in your posterior. Or maybe you think I'm throwing in the calorie counter and saying, "Enough already!"

What I really mean is this is the final installment of this weight loss miniseries (although we may revisit the subject at a future date). The first of six installments was published on July 29. Since then, using theories and tips culled from a diet coach and internet advice I've passed along, I've managed to cajole 10 pounds to jump from my frame.

Ten pounds in 6 weeks is not a particularly grand loss, but I'll take it.

Understanding the Value of 10

To appreciate the value of minus-10-pounds, I had to find another way to frame it. So here's what worked for me. You know those rectangular soda cases, the kind that fit into your refrigerator and hold 12 cans? Those things weigh exactly 10 pounds.

Now spend just 1 day with one of those cartons. Get to know it intimately. Carry it wherever you go: upstairs, downstairs, to the restroom, around the mall or through the supermarket. When you get up from a chair or sit down, hug it. When you hustle up to the bus stop with your youngster, carry it along. Grabbing lunch? Shove it under your arm. I don't even want to think about how you'll struggle with that thing at work.

I guarantee you will be thrilled to lose that 10 pounds once the day is done. You will never look at 10 pounds quite the same way. The value of losing 10 heavy, burdensome, bulky, always-dogging-you pounds will come home to roost. And you'll also start to notice that you look nicer without that carton clamped to your hip. Ah, and when you lose 20...? I'm still working on a mental picture for that.

Hey, it's been fun shrinking together, even a little bit.

Final tip: You are worth any and every effort it takes to claim optimum health. When you are carrying too much weight, it threatens both your physical and mental well-being. So stay informed and involved, be pro-active, move around as much as possible. In the end you'll see yourself lighten up - in more ways than one.


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