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ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

Facing the Future

Published January 6, 2010 11:45 AM by Candy Goulette

In the movies, 2010 has been portrayed as a year of odyssey, finding answers to difficult questions and then finding a way to work together with others toward a common goal.

That view sums up my entire list of New Year's resolutions this year, and if I do it right, my journey will take me to new personal and professional goals.

For the umpteenth time, dieting tops my list, but this year I don't plan to lose 5 pounds every week so I can get to my goal quicker. I plan to use the whole year to gradually take off the extra pounds I gradually put on so when I get to my goal, I'm more likely to stay there. This means a shift in the way I cook, but, frankly, every one in my house will benefit. I just need to find out why I immediately got hungry just thinking about dieting!

To complement that, I have vowed to exercise, but you won't see me joining the gym right away. I know myself too well - we once had a gym membership for a year and I went twice. This time, I will start off small, with 15 minutes of walking every day. I'll build up to longer stretches, then find other exercise to add in, like hikes in a local park or using the Wii Fit that is now just taking up space by the TV.

I have to admit I'm a typical 60s girl - little makeup and not much hair styling. Since I work from home, I only got "fancied up" when I went on a site visit or to a conference. That was OK when my hair was long enough to sit on and I could just braid it or put it in a pony tail. Now that it's short, daughter delights in telling me how horrible it looks when I just wash it and let it go. I will either have to go a lot shorter (not likely, given my ears!) or take the 5 minutes every morning it would take to look polished. Ditto with a touch of makeup, even just at home. Daughter swears it will make me feel better and more professional, so it's worth a try.

These are small parts of the big journey ahead of me this year. The biggest step, and the one most likely to challenge my resolve, is also the hardest: I am a procrastinator. As a newspaper editor for many years, I worked under daily deadlines. Now, as public relations and editorial liaison for ADVANCE, my deadlines are scattered across the calendar. I tend to underestimate how much time I need and overestimate how much work I can get done in any given week. This year, I will (WILL) pull those two disparate ideas closer together, to clean my professional house in a way that helps my team work toward its common goal.

Four resolutions don't sound like a lot, but I plan to reinvent myself from the inside out this year. I'd love to hear from you all on ways that worked for you to achieve your New Year's goals. Resolutions always have been daunting to me, and these all go against my couch potato grain... Five days down, 360 to go...


Well put, sir, well put. I'll creatilny make note of that.

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