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ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

‘Nurse Jackie' -- How Real Is She? Have You Ever Known One?

Published April 21, 2010 10:05 AM by Valerie Newitt

Have you ever known a Nurse Jackie in your own life? You know the kind -- full of swagger and bravado, oozing with street smarts and clever comebacks, never one to turn away from conflict. Showtime, which aired the latest episode last night, recently asked that question to its viewers. Online respondents revealed:

  • "Jackie reminds me of one of my nursing instructors. She was an old army nurse. During team rounds she would dangle one of her legs over the arm of her chair while smoking an unfiltered Chesterfield (this was the '70s). I used to date a Coop. Every nurse has. I got mine out of the way in nursing school. Self absorbed twerp." -- Warriorsaint
  • "I had a nurse I worked med/surge with who was awesome like Jackie, she used to write the orders and then let the docs know what 'he' did for the patient! I love competent take-charge and do-the-right-thing-quick nurses, and wonder how many people's lives they have impacted with their chivalry! Who says it's dead anyway, these are the heroes of today!"  -- Leisl

So how about you? Have you ever known a Jackie (who grumbled last night when a guard was stationed by the Pill-O-Matix med case) ... or a Coop (who was tapped in last night's episode to become the "face" of the hospital in media campaigns, much to the chagrin of more deserving staff) ... or a Dr. O'Hara (who, in last night's episode, rekindled an emotional affair with a past female partner)? Do these characters resemble anyone from your own experience? Does art indeed imitate life, or do such questionable characters merely feed the ratings? Love 'em, hate 'em, or know 'em?


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