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ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

Nurse Jackie: Her Boyfriend's Back

Published May 18, 2010 11:52 AM by Valerie Newitt

If you indulge in the naughty habit of "Nurse Jackie," you already know: "Her boyfriend's back and there's gonna be trouble.... Hey la, hey la, her boyfriend's back..."

Musical references aside, Eddie's due back in the pharmacy (as of this week's Showtime episode), after the Pill-O-Matix ceased functioning. Mrs. Akalitus decided it was just cheaper to get a human to dole out meds, and she's already asked Eddie to come in for an interview. Ah, the future is clearer than a doctor's writing on a prescription order. And Eddie's impending return can only spell "e-n-a-b-l-e-r" when it comes to Jackie's drug (and extramarital sex) addiction.

The more meaningful flip side to the show, however, rests in Jackie's daughter, Grace, who surfaces a disorder in response to her youthful stresses -- she starts pulling her hair out in chunks. During the episode, Jackie tries to get her daughter to communicate, to no avail. Jackie also tries to get some information about her daughter's state of mind from her child's therapist -- also a "no go."

While the therapist is holding the child's confidences, isn't there some point at which a concerned parent should be clued in? What do you think?


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