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Leading by Example: Obama Kicks the Habit

Published February 9, 2011 11:25 AM by Valerie Newitt
That old contradictory adage, "Do as I say, not as I do," doesn't cut it when it comes to helping people stop smoking. In 2009 President Barack Obama signed into law anti-smoking legislation aimed at keeping young Americans from the grip of nicotine. Yet the young president was himself lighting up. Tsk, tsk.

However, it turns out that health reform has not been reserved merely for legislative haggling under this administration. Obama has done some self-health reformation as well, and now he's "leading by example." He has given up cigarettes, according to the first lady. Speaking on NBC's "Today" show today, Michelle Obama duly noted that her husband has been "on the wagon" in the nicotine sense for about a year.

Will the president's example help other Americans kick the habit? One can only hope. Certainly there is a vital, overarching message healthcare providers should take from his effort: "Practice what you preach." That is one adage we should all cast a vote for.


Oh Kara!Such a charged topic. Casey and I have halrdy been consistent, but here's where we are at right now: No Netflix. Turned it of   tired of the kids asking for it, knowing that there is an entire season available and all they have to do is push the NEXT button. Quality of programming is so-so, there are great shows on there but most are not my favorites. The great part is you can always turn it back on if you want.  For the past few years, we have had netflix through the winter and then turn it off for the summer months. Not this year! I absolutely LOVE shows/cartoons with little to no dialogue, or a narrator. I find that these shows have a broad appeal across ages and cause the children to laugh. If my kids are laughing, loudly, I am happy. Of course, it is usually because an anvil dropped on someone's head   but they are simple themes.  I am tempted (now that Henry and Miles are in school   ages 6 and 5) to have absolutely no TV during the day for June (age 2).  It may take a month or so for her to get used to it, but I believe she will replace it with other quiet activities. I will save the TV for when they are all watching or Movie nights. If there is no TV during the day (and when I say TV, I mean streaming shows and DVDs, no cable/channels in our house) then Movie Night can become a much more anticipated event. Even going to the theater will be a big deal. Favorites   (could others share their favorites as well?)Harold and the Purple Crayon (HBO series from the library or purchase, so good!)Pingu, Kipper, Pink Panther (?!). Old Looney Tunes cartoonsLeapfrog Learn to Read (I don't really believe in educational videos, but this one is good and they kids somehow absorb it all like sponges)Live animal shows   Planet Earth, etc.Toy Story, Ponyo, hmmm   others? SpongeBob    (not a favorite, BUT Casey has worn me down on this one, and I have found him rather likable.There is a documentary on the show that is interesting)Talk to you soon!

Gayathere Gayathere, LUmwpgdhkeRT - aUIHYhXoEkOU, GzPGFTkFkCUV April 14, 2013 9:01 PM

I,too, hope that the President has successfully kicked the habit. As a RN with critical care experience, I  have taken care of many patients with end stage COPD and cardiac disease that unfortunately could not wait to light up once they were moved out of the unit. One would think being on a vent and a gazillion drips might be motivation to kick the habit.

Good luck President Obama and remember the world is watching.



Teresa S February 10, 2011 10:07 AM
Gainesville FL

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