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ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

March is National Women's History Month

Published March 10, 2011 12:21 PM by Chuck Holt

Did you know March is National Women’s History Month

Designated by joint resolutions of the House and Senate and proclamations by five American presidents, it is an opportunity to honor and celebrate women's achievements throughout history.

Nursing is certainly filled with its share of historical female figures, beginning perhaps most famously with Florence Nightingale. But nurses continue to make history each and every day, from patients’ bedsides, to the ED, NICUs and surgical suites, classrooms and research facilities around the country, and military hospitals around the globe.

Beginning next month, ADVANCE for Nurses will begin running a feature in our online edition called “Who Am I?” celebrating the accomplishments of nursing figures of both yesterday and today, and the vast majority of whom will be women.

We will provide you with clues that will reveal the nurse featured, along with a profile and links to other places on the Internet where you can find more information about her (sometimes him) as well as content related to the subject’s specialty, field of research, accomplishments, etc.

Among the notable nurses to be featured in the coming months include …

Wait a minute. I can’t tell you that, as it will spoil the reveals when you’re playing along at home.

What I can do though, is ask you which historical nursing figure you would like to learn more about, including those nurses making history today.  

Any thoughts?


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Among the 74000 Americans still missing from World War II are 21 American servicewomen, listed below.  It is to America's shame that the remains of these courageous women and of all the other American MIAs of World War II are still unrecovered after so many years, largely due to the grossly insufficient funds our Government allocates to our military's remains recovery program.  In honor of Women's History Month (2011), please demand from our Congressional representatives that our Government start adequately funding this program.

WASP Gertrude V. Tompkins-Silver of Jersey City, New Jersey

Army Nurse Corps 2nd Lt. Eloise M. Richardson of Marseilles, Illinois

Army Nurse Corps 2nd Lt. Thelma M. LaFave of Elmwood, Michigan

WAC PFC Rose Brohinsky of San Francisco, California

WAC Sgt. Doris Cooper of Champaign, Illinois

WAC PFC Flossie D. Flannery of Springport, Indiana

WAC PFC Frieda C.  Friend of New York, New York

WAC PFC Mary M. Gollinger of Tacoma, Washington

WAC CPL Velma E. Holden of Asheville, North Carolina

WAC PFC Odessa Lou Hollingsworth of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

WAC PFC Alice D. King of Oswego, Oregon

WAC PFC Wilma E. Liles of Dallas, Texas

WAC PFC Evelyn L. McBride of Inglewood, California

WAC PFC Alice Pauline McKinney of Big Bay, Michigan

WAC PFC Rose F. Puchalla of Minneapolis, Minnesota

WAC PFC Mildred E. Rice of Kansas City, Kansas

WAC PFC Pearl Roomsburg of Lomita, California

WAC PFC Helen F. Rozzelle of Washington, D.C.

WAC PFC Leona M. Seyfert of Chicago, Illinois

WAC PFC Ruth E. Warlick of Goldthwaite, Texas

WAC PFC Bonnie L. Williams of Glenda Springs, Kansas

Gary Zaetz March 30, 2011 12:32 AM
Cary NC

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