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Minimizing MRSA?

Published September 6, 2011 11:50 AM by Joe Darrah
On my morning drive into work today I heard a radio report that, rather nonchalantly, described the increasing incidence of community-associated MRSA - explaining that the condition is more treatable than the hospital-acquired variety, which was said to also be more dangerous specifically because it largely affects older patients.

While this all is accurate, I questioned what I perceived as the report's inherent message: that community MRSA, i.e. contraction in schools, should not cause public alarm because of effective treatment that exists. (One doctor was quoted as saying he sees multiple cases per week.) Where I often disagree with the assertion that the media can stir up unnecessary health concerns (note H1N1 coverage of recent past), I found this segment a little dangerous because of its lack of intensity.

At the very least the public should be demanding that their local schools be cleaned sufficiently and that students be educated on the risks of unsanitary conditions of their personal belongings, such as towels.


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