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ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

To My Dear Hospice and Palliative Care Workers

Published November 9, 2015 4:22 PM by Guest Blogger
November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, and I would like to share an open letter to all the nurses, social service, home health aides, chaplains, volunteers, and office staff who work every day to make Hospice care a seamless transition at end of life.

To My Dear Hospice and Palliative Care Workers:

  • For all the times you answered your phone, thank you
  • For all the paperwork and explanations, thank you
  • For coordinating beds, supplies and  wound care, thank you
  • For taking time in your day to ask how my family is, thank you
  • For all the meals you missed while working to make "healthcare" happen for us, thank you
  • For all the phone calls you've made, agencies you've contacted referrals you completed, thank you
  • For all the tender care you provided my loved one, thank you
  • For including massage therapy, healing touch and giving me a peaceful presence, thank you
  • For sending me memorial cards and hand writing them, thank you
  • For remembering my loved on in your ceremonies during the holiday, thank you
  • For helping me to organize my life both during and after those final hours, thank you
  • For teaching me it's okay to be happy and laugh in times of grief, thank you
  • For crying with me, thank you
  • For your follow up care and bereavement, thank you
  • For including me and my loved one in your prayers, thank you

Some nurses ask, "How can you work in Hospice?"

Our response, "How can you not provide a beautiful end of life experience?"

Hospice and Palliative care staff work to create the best end of life experience for the patients as they move from this world to the next. We don't choose to work in Hospice, Hospice has called us to work  

Happy Hospice and Palliative Care Month!

Karen Gagliardi MSN, CRNP, Holy Redeemer Home Care and Hospice



I thank you for allowing your Nurses to be a part of one of the most important days of your life, the death of your beloved friend or family member.  While nurses often appear stoic we feel your grief as if it were our own.  We learn to cope by trying not to get to close, but often your loved one reminds us of someone we, personally, have lost to soon.  We pray that you find peace, that we helped you in your most difficult of time, and that you came away with the knowledge that your loved one did not suffer in pain.  Know, too, that you will see your loved ones again.  God Bless.  

Lisa Ryan, Critical Care - RN November 12, 2015 5:15 PM
Ocala FL

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