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Nursing: You Wanna Know What I Think?

Nursing Cliques: Not All That

Published October 4, 2010 11:25 AM by Pat Veitenthal
The Club. The Clique. The Posse. You know who I mean.

It's that certain group of nurses who think, who KNOW, they do everything better than the rest of us. Every unit has them. Usually a small group of nurses who always want to work together, schedule themselves together, and occasionally socialize together after work.

They are convinced that the place goes to hell in a hand-basket when they aren't there. Yes, they do a good job, but the thing is, so do we, and they really just exaggerate their own importance.

So here's a little news for that group: The rest of us do just fine when you're not here. Not only that, we are actually amused by your arrogance. So keep up the good work, think what you want, but know that we find you and your egos pretty entertaining. So thanks for all that.

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posted by Pat Veitenthal


cliques are dangerous to your emotional health-have seen more nurses destroyed by this behavior-cliques are junior hight school and most nurses that participate are at that emotional level or they are borderline personalities. we need to screen nurses out of our profession and not always admire the a student- some of the best borderlines are smart a students.

julie, med surg - rn October 24, 2010 4:39 PM
fargo ND

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