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Be A Patriot: VOTE!

Published October 16, 2012 5:32 PM by Pat Veitenthal
Every election is important to true patriots, and this one coming up is no exception. I admit my primary interest is in each candidate's approach to healthcare. I don't want to argue politics here, or talk about who has the best plan for heathcare. Each accuses the other of plans that will bring us to Armageddon. My poor brain wonders how it could possibly get any worse.

Just in my small world of friends and acquaintances, healthcare is already in the toilet. I have a friend with a suffering symptomatic child who can't get in to see a specialist until January 2013. This is with insurance, and a referral from her PCP. Another friend has a new grandchild who had to return to the doctor at 2 days old and had to be hospitalized for 21 days to treat an infection NOT acquired from the mom. Then the baby's mom required hospitalization a day later for a post-partum infection. Grandma is an RN. Asking around, she discovered her loved ones weren't the only ones back in the hospital. That has to be from a dirty O.R. And of course, I had my own negative experience with my family's C. Diff crisis, not to mention my failed pursuit of temporary assistance after my hip fracture.

The fact that the candidates are even discussing change to our healthcare system makes this the most important election to me. PLEASE review each candidates platform carefully, and then go be a patriot, and vote your choice in the upcoming election. Anything has to be an improvement over the way things are now!

posted by Pat Veitenthal


I used to do this once in a while. Where I live there is a place called  Check Into Cash.  To get the cash they reuriqe a bank statement, some reuriqe a bill such as cell phone or utility to prove your address, last two paycheck stubs and of course your checks so you can write one for them to hold, oh and also your Driver's License. All they do is call your bank to check and make sure you have an account there. Then they look at how much you make and they can only lend you a certain percent of that. They will make you write out a check for that amount to hold until you come back with the cash to pay them off and then they return your check to you. The repayment period is two weeks. You will get a small interest charge on the money you owe and if you repay before the due date some of the interest will be taken off the repayment amount. It's not really a bad idea like people on here are saying. If you try to take a cash advance on a credit card you are going to pay more in interest in the end. If you need quick cash then I would say go for it. Just don't make it a habit.

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