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Douglas Kennedy Counter Sues Nurses

Published January 14, 2013 8:34 AM by Pat Veitenthal
I hate being mad at a Kennedy. I'm from the generation that got caught up in the whole "Camelot" illusion of our young President and his family. We were, and still are, fascinated by every aspect of the name, and those who bore it. We worshipped the "Greatest Generation" of them, and watched as their kids were born and grew up...but as we later realized, it was all an illusion.

Apparently though, the recent arrogant behavior of Mr. Douglas Kennedy, son of the late Robert, shows that he actually is still buying into the whole American Royalty garbage. To refresh your memory, last year, Mr. K tried to leave a hospital OB department with his newborn son without following the protocol. It didn't occur to him to check with the nurses to see what might be required to do so. Anyway, I'm sure all kinds of alarms went off when he tried to leave with the baby and the nurses did what they were supposed to do; they tried to stop him. Rather than calmly returning to the department to discuss his options, he chose to show off his Kennedyness that no one could tell HIM what to do. Unfortunately, it got physical, and two nurses were hurt. The nurses sued him and lost, so now he's counter-suing for, get this, defamation and malicious prosecution.

That's just silly, because it's all on the security video, and clearly shows Mr. K doing exactly what he was accused of doing. He should not have been acquitted in the first place, and even if money had not been awarded, an apology should have been. Nurses should not have to be worried about getting sued for following protective policies, or instincts. But it's New York, and the judge probably plays poker with a Kennedy.

posted by Pat Veitenthal


You don't really think nurses are respected do you? Come on, we are mere pawns at the mercy of all others...and where was the grand nursing organizations? Hmm, Nurses Organizations are mystified about low enrollment-as in this case they have no Presence therefore little identity to the potential membership that is just out there trying to make a living caring for others.

N V February 12, 2013 9:46 PM

Totally agree about returning to the department to calmly discuss your options.  We all get frustrated with bureaucracy when we know our personal case doesn't need it - but it is there for a reason and nurses have to apply it.  To not just sigh to yourself and calmly go back in and clarify things is just frankly unstable.  There is no risk to the child in returning to sort things out.  Reacting violently immediately puts everyone including the baby at risk.  Given that, whatever the other circumstances, this guy should count himself lucky and be quiet.  I hope for the sake of the child that this was very untypical behaviour.  

Sarah February 4, 2013 4:17 PM

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