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Nursing: You Wanna Know What I Think?

I Think I'll Survive Retirement

Published September 16, 2013 1:34 PM by Pat Veitenthal
Since last I wrote, I have been giving a great deal of thought to what I want to do in my retirement. Some of you offered very good suggestions, and I thank you for them. One thing I decided to do was to stop worrying so much about it, and just enjoy what is happening in my life right now...Other decisions can come later.

I still hear from former colleagues, even if it isn't face to face, and I find my opinion is still sought on matters. I like that. (Write to me PGVRNBSN@gmail.com if you want an honest no BS opinion about nursing!)

I'm going on a cruise in 2 weeks with family and friends, NOT as a Medical Officer but as a passenger, and I'm so looking forward to being spoiled!

I actually have long fingernails again. I haven't been able to grow mine in over 25 years!

I'm watching every TV show that is suggested to me, and loving them all. I have never denied or apologized for the amount of TV that I watch. My mind has not turned to mush as the TV snobs say will happen, and in fact I consider myself exceptionally well informed because of TV! (BTW, thanks Sissy for telling me about Sons of Anarchy. Jax's naked backside is gorgeous!!)

My ex and I are back on friendly terms, and I am very happy about that for the sake of my son and my grand darlings. I've re-connected with family, and especially first cousins that a busy nursing life kept me away from for far too many years.

So I guess I will survive this retirement thing after all. Just like everything in this life, it's all about your attitude!

posted by Pat Veitenthal


Being retired 1.5 years now and still loving every day of it.  I do what i want , when i want and things seem to get done.  I go as i please and do as i  please, stay up late and sleep in without worry.  I loved Nursing and always will but now i'm in a different phase of my life and i love it .So look forward to the wonderful changes in your life.  

marge maciha, endoscopy - RN, morton plant hospital September 16, 2013 5:25 PM
largo FL

Just sit back and enjoy!

Kim Foster September 16, 2013 4:09 PM

Been almost a year since I retired,love every second of it. Doing what I wanted to do. Not worring about much. Doing a lot of traveling including a cruise. Work 40 years in a ED and 9 other in MD. So Pat, love every second of it !!!!

Donna D September 16, 2013 2:46 PM

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