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New to Nursing

My First Job as an Experienced Nurse

Published March 28, 2011 8:02 AM by Heather Jones
With life comes new paths to forge onto. My life is about to take a turn toward a new path in my career. You see, I am about to start my new job at a different hospital from the one I started at, as a new grad, approximately 1 ½ years ago. I am going into a semi-specialty: cardiac-telemetry.

I am super excited that I get to be home every night. Previously, I worked an hour away from home and had to stay with my in-laws twice a week when I worked two 12-hour shifts. I am also excited for the fact that I have been hired as "an experienced nurse."

To see and hear those words makes me feel like I have stepped onto a new accomplishment for my registered nurse career staircase. I am no longer known as "the new grad," "the new girl," or "the nurse who has to ask all the questions." It is a wonderful feeling to be recognized as one who has some knowledge (as I have a lot of learning left to a lifetime of it) instead of one who is "too green to know anything" as I have been referred to as more than once.

I also get to step into the new role of a semi-specialty. This is stimulating to me because I will be able to sharpen my skills upon one set area of nursing (that is near and dear to my heart) and not just a whole array of issues. Although I love this idea, I also want to make sure that I do not lose the wealth of medical knowledge I have gained through this soon-to-be past position. My solution is to stay at my current job on a PRN status. This way, even though I won't be there full-time, I will still be able to brush up on my chronic conditions, other than cardiac, and be able to retain my knowledge of the skills I won't necessarily use on a daily basis at my new location.

Now, the difficult task of this is going to be to work in that PRN status with my crazy schedule of two classes for school, working three 12-hour shifts a week (in a row), taking my exercise classes, being an active board member of my alumni association, and having a life with my family.

Phew! Speaking of accomplishments; this will be a true accomplishment when I can say I successfully juggled all of this for (at least) the rest of the year.
posted by Heather Jones


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