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June 2012 - Posts

New to Nursing

The Perfect Role Model
June 25, 2012 10:32 PM by Lorenzo Ortega
On my nursing journey so far I have been both patient and nurse, observing the hospital delivery system from drastically different angles. I have seen many good nurses and unfortunately a few not-so-good ones that have shaped my practice. Recently I experienced Read More...
Personal Time Management
June 19, 2012 12:29 AM by Alexandra Cosan
Now that I am back in school pursuing a master's in science degree in an adult health nurse practitioner program, I find myself having to manage my time off from work very differently. I used to be able to fill my days off the floor with house chores, Read More...
Making Sure to Unwind
June 16, 2012 9:26 PM by Frank Visco
With clinical rotations every other weekend, a constant flow of care plans, tests and reading assignments, and the responsibility to actually retain and apply what we're being taught, school can eat up a lot of time. This is especially true during the Read More...
If we are what we eat then I was a partially-hydrogenated high-fructose cow
June 6, 2012 9:49 PM by Lorenzo Ortega
Now cruising smoothly along on my summer break my attention has been drawn away from the textbooks for a short time. As a nursing student however, we never stray too far away from health related interests, so as to no surprise I have found a recent interest Read More...
My First Year as an RN
June 4, 2012 6:06 PM by Alexandra Cosan
Time is officially moving at warp speed, so as I reflect on my first year working as an RN, I thought I would share what I believe to be the top ten things I learned along the way: 10. Take your lunch break even if you think you "don't have time." 9. Read More...


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