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September 2012 - Posts

New to Nursing

Mentor Program
September 17, 2012 6:14 PM by Alexandra Cosan
By mid October I am hoping to hand in my clinical nurse II packet, which means I will be evaluated for advancement on the clinical ladder. As part of that, one is to become involved in a project on the unit. Typically the projects involve a current hot Read More...
Titrated Knowledge
September 17, 2012 3:57 PM by Lorenzo Ortega
Third week of school completed. I can't believe it; time sure goes fast. I think my last blog probably reported things drastically different, but I've been rolling with the punches. So far I have had two days in my ICU preceptorship on night shift. I Read More...
Getting a Better Understanding of Schizophrenia
September 8, 2012 8:58 PM by Frank Visco
I’m only two weeks into this semester, my fourth in a seven-semester program, and I can already tell it will be the most challenging to date. I’m taking on two clinical classes for the first time, which means two hospitals and twice the amount of lab Read More...
The nurses come out at night...
September 1, 2012 8:11 PM by Lorenzo Ortega
So many changes in just a few weeks! I feel like my head is spinning. Luckily for me the spinning is starting to slow down. Since my last blog even more has changed on my quest for the forbidden preceptorship. Like a double-edged sword, I was given the Read More...


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