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Checking one off the list

Published November 21, 2012 4:23 PM by Lorenzo Ortega

As of last week, I finished the final shifts of my senior preceptorship, tallying 255 hours for the semester. It was quite an experience, learning the nightly duties of an ICU nurse, and feeling the responsibility of a real working schedule. As with every clinical section we have had in nursing school, just as we start to get a solid grasp on the position, it ends all too quickly. My next series of clinical hours will arise working on the job as an RN, a weird concept to think about.

Although a significant amount of time will free itself in my daily routine, I still have the unfortunate worry of finishing up final projects and applying for jobs. I wish those things would take care of themselves!

In reflecting more on my ICU preceptorship, I can clearly see my growth during the past three month session.  My critical thinking skills have increased, and now when I discover a curious assessment finding, I gather as much data as I can on the possible causes before reporting my suspicions. I have also improved at giving recommendations in these same instances.

It is amazing that almost two years ago I started nursing school and in almost the same time frame I started writing for this blog. Time has gone by so fast. My next post will be just a few days before I graduate, achieving the goal I started towards many years ago. In this tough job market I hope the best for all of my classmates. I know that this newly educated breed of nurses, focusing on holistic care and cultural competency, will have a special place in the workforce sooner or later. I am continually impressed with the compassion and professionalism that my fellow colleagues hold in the clinical setting, and I hope that there are more positions available to give us all a chance as new graduates.  

posted by Lorenzo Ortega


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