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Practice What You Preach

Published July 25, 2014 11:02 AM by Mia Ross

The recent grilling of Dr. Oz in front of the US Congress sparked great debate.  It was important reminder for all healthcare providers:  Practice what you preach.  As a nurse, you have more than just a professional license.  You have signed an oath to practice healthcare safely, responsibly and effectively.  You have signed on to be a lifelong supporter of science, evidence and progress.  And, most importantly, you have volunteered yourself to be an example of wellness and health.  Dr. Oz does not take the supplements he so adamantly recommends on his popular show.  He supports miracle cures and magical solutions for obesity (one of the most prevalent and emotive public health concerns today).  Health does not come in pill form nor does it appear overnight.  It is our job as nurses to help people find their optimum wellness in the only way that works:  through self-discipline, support, compassion, patience, knowledge and acceptance.  This, we all know, is a lifelong journey.  It is our job to help facilitate the ride. 

posted by Mia Ross


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