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Finding Your Dreams and Visions

Published January 13, 2017 10:12 AM by Leatitia Coetzee

Every year since 2009, I have been making myself motivational vision and dream boards, and it has gotten to a point where I would make them for my family as well. What started as a way for me to motivate and inspire myself turned out to help and inspire my family and my mother's clients in her salon too.

I started to study nursing in 2009, after losing everything when I lost my job at the time. I was so depressed and broken, so my mom sat me down and said that I have to decide what it is I want out of life and then make it happen. Nothing was going to fall into my lap. Harsh words, but as always, my beautiful mother was right.

So I got up, dried my eyes and started to make work of getting my nursing degree at 26 years of age. When I got into nursing college without having the correct prior subjects, I knew that I was being blessed. I had to work double as hard as all the 18/19 year old girls in my classes, and I needed motivation while studying as I was really struggling. So one day, I started cutting out pictures and words that made me think and feel better.

I stuck them up on a board where I could read and see them every day, and I have been doing it ever since, as it gives me clarity and guidance. It makes me smile, makes me happy, feeds my creative side, elevates my mood, inspires me every day to remember just how far I have come, everything I had to overcome to get to where I am today, that I am strong and beautiful and smart.

I say, give it a try this New Year.

All you need is a blank canvas, some glue, some beautiful pictures that inspire you, some words of inspiration, motto's, Bible verses, dreams you have, things you want to do or have... and then you just go crazy on you board. Don't think about where to place everything, just let your emotions guide you.

The whole point for me with my boards is to dream, hope, and wish towards the things, places, and people I want in my life. Imagination is the outdoors to the unknown, to endless possibilities and opportunities-you need only have the courage to pursue them fully and completely. Let your inner child come out to play, you have to believe again that you can do anything you want to, trust your own abilities, they are God-given and He doesn't make mistakes.

I always put Edith Piaf on the radio and pour myself some red wine, then I just let the moment take me, and when I am done I cannot believe how amazing my work is.

Not to boast or be vain or anything, but it is amazing what you can accomplish when you stop thinking about it, over-analyzing it and just do it. Take your head out of the equation and follow your heart.

Let go of being a grownup, conforming to what society says you should do. Believe and become.

Because we, as adults, lose ourselves somewhere along the way; because we want to fit in, belong and not rock the boat so we conform, ask yourself these final questions-and they are not easy ones.

Who am I? What do I want? Do I love what I am doing now?

Soul search and be honest with yourself.

If you don't love what you do, who you are and where you are in life, there is no way you will be successful or content. You will always compare yourself and your life to others, you will work yourself to the bone to attain what others have and you don't have, and money will become your "god" and "boss."

2016 was such an incredibly hard year all over the world. So many things happened that were out of my control and that changed me and shaped my future more. I learned lessons, I learned new skills, I met amazing new friends, lost old ones, got hurt, grew stronger-but most of all, I found my faith again, learned that I was not meant to be the master of my own life, I cannot control everything.

I learned that God is Lord and Master of my life, and if He is in control and if I trust Him completely, everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I won't be so scared and fearful, I will be calmer and happier, I will be able to trust more, love more, care more and know that life will only be as sweet as the moment I am in right now.

On my new dream/vision/motivation board for 2017, I have put lost dreams, motivational and strong quotes, things I love and want.

I am ready for this New Year, new beginnings, new experiences and moments to enjoy and learn from.

So come on, what are your DREAMS, VISIONS and MOTIVATIONS for 2017?


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