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Guarding the Nursing Profession

You Can Make Time for Nursing Research

Published August 18, 2013 5:06 PM by Colleen Villamin

As bedside nurses struggle to deliver the best possible care, accomplish a multitude of tasks in a 12 hour shift, attend to constant interruptions, respond to rapid changes in patient acuity, and coordinate care with interdisciplinary team members… there is little time to consider participation in nursing research. Why is it important? As health care in the United States continues to evolve, we must advance the science of nursing by generating new knowledge through research. As members of the most trusted profession, we have the ability to answer questions related to the human’s response to disease, health promotion, and quality improvement. Only through nursing research can we determine best practices in care delivery, improve patients’ quality of life, and reduce health disparities for our citizens who need safe,  high quality care.


You may be thinking: I can hardly clock out on time, now you’re asking me to participate in research? Start small by joining the Nurses’ Health Study 3! Since the 1970s, over 230,000 female nurses have participated in Harvard’s research that has led to discoveries on women’s health, lifestyle, and more… Simply go to the website, register and fill out a short survey.


Each one of us can contribute to advancing the science of nursing and discovering new knowledge through research. The health of our country depends on it.

posted by Colleen Villamin


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