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Guarding the Nursing Profession

When is Suffering Senseless?
September 23, 2016 9:14 AM by Colleen Villamin
Oncology nurses provide care to cancer patients and their families across the continuum. They are there from the life-changing moment of diagnosis to the frightening, yet hopeful, treatment phase. Such treatments may make patients feel worse than they Read More...
Race and Nursing
August 23, 2016 8:42 AM by Colleen Villamin
Racism has been increasingly present in the news lately. Whether you are behind the cause Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, nurses provide compassionate care and save lives of people of all races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and genders. Read More...
Nursing Nurses
July 5, 2016 1:37 PM by Colleen Villamin
How many of us have returned from maternity leave with aspirations of pumping every 3-4 hours to keep up our milk supply to meet that goal of nursing our babies for the first 12 months of life? How quickly did we come to the realization that it is difficult Read More...
Life Doesn't Pause- My Return to Blogging
June 16, 2016 2:13 PM by Colleen Villamin
My last blog was October 1, 2014. Why the long hiatus? I suppose it was the complexity of life. Jumping in head first into my first real nursing leadership role, I became involved in every quality project that I could find. I spent my time drafting research Read More...
Individualism and Minimalism: Cultural Philosophies and their Impact on Nursing Teamwork
May 9, 2016 11:46 AM by Colleen Villamin
Two of the guiding principles in modern American culture today can have a devastating impact the success of nursing teams and their ability to provide safe, effective care if we overlook them. The two philosophies are individualism and minimalism which Read More...
Painfully Aware of Breast Cancer
October 1, 2014 8:00 AM by Colleen Villamin
As most of you know, I have spent my entire career in oncology nursing. I have cared for women diagnosed with breast cancer who have undergone mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation with a variety of outcomes. Some have overcome breast cancer yet later Read More...
I Saw a Ghost Today
September 11, 2014 10:23 AM by Colleen Villamin
Today, my unit secretary called me and said there was someone there to see me. I went out to the nursing station to find a man a woman vaguely familiar yet I could not place who they were. The woman standing there said, "You probably do not remember me Read More...
Nurses Making an Extraordinary Impact
September 9, 2014 10:29 AM by Colleen Villamin
Nurses often think that what they do every day is ordinary. My goal is to capture the small gestures that make an extraordinary impact. Here is a glimpse of the amazing things I see from bedside nurses: Any given day on the thoracic and cardiovascular Read More...