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New Study Finds Lack of Association between MMR Vaccine and Autism

Published September 16, 2008 2:32 PM by Jessica LaGrossa

Results of a multi-center study of MMR vaccines and autism were released Sept. 3. The study (conducted by Harvard, Columbia, Mass General, CDC, and the American Academy of Pediatrics) is the first attempt to duplicate the original 1998 study by Dr. Wakefield, which raised questions about a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The new study concludes that there is "strong evidence against an association of autism with persistent Measles Virus RNA in the GI tract or MMR vaccine exposure."

To read the study, click here


vaccination of children is like mcekiy mouse putting on the sorcerer's hat in the fantasia cartoon. the fantasy of eradicating diseases by sticking them into children is a scary one. there is no possible way we can know the full extent of the effects of putting these viral agents into our bodies. Long term studies have never been done and there is plenty of evidence suggesting all kinds of damage resulting from these shots in the short term alone. We are messing around with levels of biology that are far too complex and unknown to be justifiable, unless someone is sick  then i believe playing god is justifiable, maybe  but to mess around with the immune system of a small child???? just doesn't feel right to me as a parent who daily shelters my children from harm, and dangerous chemicals, pollution, etc  the united states has paid out a billion dollars in damages for the side effects of vaccinations, including death  and that is after they fought in court to avoid paying!!!

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