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Hillary Clinton’s Autism Initiative

Published January 8, 2016 12:03 PM by Dillon Stickle
In her latest big move toward winning the primary elections, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in Iowa this week her agenda to improve the lives of Americans with Autism. So far, no other presidential candidate has forthrightly spoken about the need for improvements to Autism services and research. "We need more services; we need more support; we need to make sure that the families dealing with autism - the caregiving that you are providing is respected and supported," said Clinton in her speech.

Within her Autism Initiative are major actions that include:

  • Conducting nationwide early screening outreach program
  • Pushing states to require health insurance coverage for Autism services
  • Launching the Autism Works Initiative, which would form a public-private partnership with employers, to help match individuals with autism to jobs
  • Authorizing the first-ever adult autism prevalence study in the U.S.

Clinton has also said that, "A lot of those families are just at their wits' end trying to figure how to get the services, to figure out what to do for schooling and then, as a child becomes a young adult, what to do for housing and employment. I want to be the president who helps families in our country deal with some of those issues."

Her announcement also comes after Republican candidate Donald Trump exacerbated the discredited notion that child vaccinations are linked to or even cause Autism.

OTs, do you think Clinton's agenda for Autism will be helpful to the way Autism is currently seen? Does this affect the way you will vote in the presidential primaries? Let us know in the comments.

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