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GoBabyGo! Provides Mobility for Young Children

Published May 23, 2016 1:30 PM by Katherine Bortz

A key component for any child’s development is play. For some, play can be difficult due to disability. That’s why Dr. Cole Galloway, a professor at the University of Delaware created GoBabyGo!, a fun and inventive way to get kids moving.

“I have lots of kids who aren’t invited to birthday parties ever,” Galloway said on the GoBabyGo! YouTube channel. “Friends are hard to make when you’re not mobile.”

Galloway, with a ride-on toy car and a few modifications, has been able to help kids throughout the country gain some independence and skills that they would not have normally acquired. According to Galloway, there are no commercially available power wheelchairs for children under three years of age.

After discovering that these ride-on toy cars could provide the same mobility as a power wheelchair for kids, Galloway has traveled across the country and presented in clinician’s workshops for parents. He has posted YouTube videos to teach others how to modify these cars. Once the car is modified and has received certification from an electrical or mechanical engineer, the car is ready to use.

“I don’t know why we felt the need to give it away, except that I think everyone would do that,” Galloway said. “There’s no reason to hold onto this and fight for a territory when there’s literally hundreds of thousands of kids around the world today sitting still. Now, it becomes a chess match of how quickly we can get it out.”   

The cost of each car is around $200, but the ability to help a child thrive and socialize can potentially be priceless.

What do you think of these devices? 

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posted by Katherine Bortz


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