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Published January 30, 2013 10:43 AM by Jennifer Preston
     Yesterday I sent in the last piece of paperwork (and check) required to get the licensing/certification ball rolling, now I just need to pass the test.  It is all out of my hands for the moment and I am so anxious!  Before, I was able to exert some control over what was happening by choosing when to send in the paperwork and the checks.  Now it is all out there.  Not that there is going to be a problem with anything, but I still feel so anxious.  I should have my ATT letter by Monday.  I check the site everyday to see its status.  If I am this obsessed with the ATT letter, I cannot imagine what I am going to be like waiting for my test score!  There is just so much riding on this, so I cannot help but to obsess.  So as a way of distracting myself I have decided to remodel my bathroom, starting yesterday.  I am probably crazy, but it gives me something else to focus on for a week or two.  I know that as soon as I schedule my test, I am going to be one giant ball of nerves until after I get my score.  Maybe I'll have the whole house remodeled by then.  Distractions can be good.


Thank you, Todd.  You are right, it is very easy to stress and obsess, but it does no good.  I have to trust in what I have been taught and what I have learned to lead me to the right answers.    

Jennifer Preston February 23, 2013 3:26 PM
Livonia MI

Try not to obsess over it. I did, as probably everyone else did, but it doesn't do any good. You've done all you can do to learn in college. Your brain will come up with the answers to the test easier than you think. Just remember: in the test one answer can in no way be true so forget that one. the second choice will be easy to tell that it's wrong also, and the third and fourth choice will be similar, but the the right choice is pretty easy to see if you studied and payed attention in class. Trust God and rest in the Lord like I did. If you are destined to be a therapist, God will help you and see you through all of it, and soon you will be a practicing therapist like you are intended to be to help his people in need. I would say 'good luck', but I don't believe in luck, I believe in destiny. Todd D.

Todd , Schools - COTA/L February 8, 2013 4:56 PM
Hobbs NM

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