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May 2013 - Posts

COTA Thoughts

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
May 31, 2013 9:40 AM by Tim Banish
News of fraud and abuse in our healthcare system appears frequently these days. Between scams, double billing and code jamming many dollars are illegally claimed from the system. Whether it be from Medicare, Medicaid or an insurance company, one thing Read More...
Therapy Tips and Tricks
May 28, 2013 9:45 AM by Tim Banish
After being in therapy for so many years you get to learn a few things. Some are just out of desperation, some are learned from other therapists, and a few are learned from collaboration. Here are a few things I'd like to pass on for others: Wheelchair Read More...
Social Security
May 24, 2013 9:53 AM by Tim Banish
Were you aware that there are 54.8 million people in the U.S. receiving Social Security benefits? That is 17.6% of our population. With the baby boomer generation adding to those numbers daily, the fund could be depleted by 2033. Began in 1935 by Congress Read More...
May 20, 2013 12:47 PM by Tim Banish
Well as I mentioned in my last blog I have retired as a COTA. I don't miss getting up in the mornings to get ready for work, but I already miss meeting and working with people. That was one of the key matters considered as this decision was made because Read More...
Time Away
May 16, 2013 12:48 PM by Tim Banish
Hello readers, sorry I've been gone for a while. I had to take a bit of time away from the blog in order to deal with some personal issues. Life is always challenging, and sometimes a break is needed. Sometimes a break is just to refresh your spirit. Read More...