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January 2014 - Posts

COTA Thoughts

After a COTA
January 31, 2014 10:47 AM by Tim Banish
So I've had a lot of people ask me, what are you doing now that you've retired? After 20+ years working as a COTA the one thing I still miss is working with people. So here are a few things I've done since leaving the practice. With the people skills Read More...
Billions of Social Security Dollars Stolen
January 24, 2014 9:44 AM by Tim Banish
After the latest group of people was indicted trying to fraud Social Security for disability payments they didn't qualify for, Congress is asking for a total review of the agency's management practices. The saddest part of this is the fact that a number Read More...
Yesterday's Occupational Therapy
January 17, 2014 8:58 AM by Tim Banish
Things have changed in our profession over the years. Between insurance regulations, productivity requirements and Medicare cut-backs the field has become more about dollars than treating people in need. So today I thought I would do a "Throw-back" blog. Read More...
Small Gym, Big Caseload
January 10, 2014 9:58 AM by Tim Banish
Do you work in a facility where the rehab gym is quite small? Or with all the equipment needed for the gym there is hardly any floor space left? Can you comfortably seat 20% of your caseload in the gym at the same time without stepping on feet or over Read More...
The Retirement Crisis is Global
January 3, 2014 8:48 AM by Tim Banish
If you think that we have a retirement crisis only here in America, you're wrong. The baby boom after World War II occurred all over the world. Other countries are facing the same increase in numbers of people retiring, which is forcing governments to Read More...