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Published June 13, 2014 9:56 AM by Tim Banish
From my first experience with a therapy company recruiter I found out what type of person they are. Over the years there are a few recruiters I grew to detest greatly, and to this day one in particular. Even though I've been retired for over a year, pulled all my resumes off the internet and put my licenses into retirement mode the recruiters continue to call and email me.

Back when I was a newbie to the field I didn't know how things worked. A recruiter contacts you, tells you all kind of good things about the company they are hiring for, then sets an appointment for you with one of the company management. For the simple referral alone they receive a commission. Of course if you ask questions about benefits, salary, 401K, etc. you'll get answers you want to hear most of the time. If you interview and decide to hire on with the company the recruiter gets another commission. One recruiter actually said to me "We get paid big bucks to refer and recruit therapists."

The recruiter for the first company I worked for told me everyone received a cost of living raise annually on top of our performance raise. When my first year performance review was finished the manager told me the percentage increase of my raise. I added that to the cost of living for the year and expected my salary to increase by that amount. When my next check arrived it was a shock to see how little of a raise I actually got. The boss confirmed there was no annual cost of living raise, but by then that recruiter was already working for another company.

My detested recruiter is one who made numerous calls to our therapy department phone. When he called he asked if anyone was looking for a job. Hmmm, you're calling us at work wondering if we need a job? Anyway one busy day he called, for the second time, and I told him to stop calling and hung up on him. The phone rang again in seconds. It was him asking if I hung up on him. I replied "Yes, and I'm going to again." as I hung up on him.

It was irritating to be disturbed by phone calls when you're trying to do therapy. Recruiters who tactics include calling a therapist at work is tacky to me. Not only are they wasting your time, but stealing patient time as well. My only thought is be warned when dealing with them. Get any of their promises in writing, on a contract, or walk away.

Until next time, hope all your "Thoughts" are Good-


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Susan, I'm guessing you didn't read past the first line where I stated "a few recruiters". I'm sure out there somewhere there are a FEW recruiters who have some integrity. My grammar, well this is a blog, not a research paper, sorry.

Tim Banish, COTA, Retired June 23, 2014 10:03 AM
Cincinnati OH

to blatantly categorize all recruiters as "the kind of person they are" is not only poor grammar but a classic overgeneralization. All recruiers and not evil! I've workedwith several who were honest, fair and professional.

Susan, Oncololgy - CLT, OT/L, RoswellPark Cancer Institute June 17, 2014 12:14 PM
Buffalo NY

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