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Energizing Healthcare

About Energizing Healthcare

Consciousness is energy, and energy is literally nature's "medicine," so the more we raise our consciousness (i.e. energy) as healthcare providers, the better we can serve the people we are treating. Energizing Healthcare was created with the intention supporting healthcare providers in bringing more energy (i.e. consciousness) into their practice.

Science is only just beginning to prove what we've known on some level for centuries, which is that our attitudes and the way we "show up" in life directly and dramatically influences the quality of our mental and physical well-being.

We've all heard stories about people who have experienced miraculous healing after refusing to believe in their doctor's prognosis. It's no accident. People who experience this type of healing harness the healing power of energy by focusing their consciousness for that purpose.

We are all made of energy, and as Jill Bolte Taylor so wisely stated, "We are all responsible for the energy we bring into this space." Simply stated, we have the ability to CHOOSE to bring in the pure, positive energy that literally heals. However, we forfeit our ability to choose when stuck in addictive, unproductive patterns of thinking and behavior.

It takes consciousness and courage to rise above the conditioned fight or flight (i.e. stress/survival) state of mind that dominates our culture. The time has come for healthcare providers to serve as role models in this respect.

All disease is the end result of improper energy balance. As we learn how to raise our energy and "show up" as a Natural Healing Presence, not only do we begin to balance, heal, and prevent disease is our own bodies, but we begin to serve and heal in ways we never thought possible.

About Dan Eisner

Dan Eisner is a psychiatric OT in the department of psychiatry at the University of MD Medical Center and a private certified coach at with over 15 years experience.

Dan has been inspiring thousands of people with his unique blend of services which includes a basic understanding of mind-body science, emotional intelligence and practical spirituality. Dan passionately believes that everyone already has their own answers, but understands that most people are too stressed and distracted to access their own wisdom on a regular basis. By teaching the practical applications of how to stay clear and focused, Dan provides each client with a “road map” that explains their behavior, thereby making is easier to change.

Dan’s ultimate mission is to inspire others to trust their intuition and to stay on their own path.


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