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A Pediatric Perspective

Tuesday Tidbit - Olfactory defensive behaviors

Published October 27, 2009 11:49 PM by Wendy Hof

Hi All!  Sorry I did not post on Friday – I was a bit under the weather with a stomach bug.  Thankfully it didn’t last more than 48 hours but that is one of the “hazards” of working with children for a living – you are bound to catch something every now and again, no matter how hard you try. J

I wanted this Tuesday’s Tidbit to be a shout out to you, the readers of this blog.  Last week  posted a blog on the “spit cup” and received a nice comment from Christina Chen , a student in Los Angeles.  She was asking how we approach a child who may have both an oral tactile and an olfactory defensiveness when it comes to eating. See her comment here.

Christina brought up a very good point.  When it comes to trying to get a child to eat and get over any oral/feeding aversions they may have we do often suggest that a child be exposed to all that goes on in the kitchen.  This would include helping out with meals or, if not old enough or interested in helping out, to at least be in the area so they can hear the sounds of the kitchen and to be able to smell the food as it is being prepared and cooked.   

I will admit that I have not encountered a child yet who has a difficult time with the olfactory sense.  So I reach out and ask parents, therapists and readers – have you had any experience with a child who has demonstrated an aversion to smell along with an aversion to eating/self feeding/food?  If so, what have you done to help them overcome this aversion?  What are some strategies and/or activities you have used that have worked – and also ones you’ve tried that have not worked. 

I look forward to hearing from you!  Please feel free to comment to this blog or email me directly.  All thoughts and suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks!  Hope to see you back here next time.



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