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A Pediatric Perspective

Yay for Yeah Dave!

Published June 28, 2012 11:05 AM by Cecilia Cruse

I love all things yoga and it seems many others do as well.  As yoga practice moves more mainstream it has also been showing up as an effective treatment protocol for many kids with special needs (see Wendy's Pediatric Perspective Blog from last fall: "Yoga:-It's Not Just an Adult Activity Any Longer!").  As a school therapist I have successfully  used simple yoga poses or asanas and breath control in working with my students with ADHD, Asperger's and those with Behavior Disorders to improve focus and motor planning skills but more importantly to enhance a feeling of well-being and in some cases prevent behavior meltdowns. Several teachers I know use 5 minute yoga stretch breaks regularly and even now, I see yoga being incorporated as part of Physical Education Curriculum.  

Despite its growing popularity however, people often shy away from the practice with fears that it will be too hard, too serious, take up too much time etc.  Here is where yoga guru Dave Romanelli comes in.  "Yeah Dave" as he is called, brings an easy fresh, fun perspective to the practice of yoga and it implications for everyday life.  I think his practice so reflects the AOTA philosophy of Living Life to Its FullestTM.  With his approach to live each moment as a sensory experience he lives by his "BFD" philosophy...that we should all have at least one Beautiful, Funny and Delicious moment to savor every day. I now get regular "Yeah Dave" updates via email which are a quick source of delight, wisdom and are always thought provoking.  Do yourself a favor and check out Yeah Dave's Guide to Living in the Moment.    His commitment to bringing a joyful practice of yoga and mindfulness to kids of all ages is contagious.   Namaste!


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