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A Pediatric Perspective

Friday Fun: Top 10 Reasons to Work in the School System

Published August 10, 2012 1:37 PM by Cecilia Cruse

August already!..which means back to school for many therapists employed in public/private school settings.   In the spirit of David Letterman's Top Ten List, here are 10 fun reasons we work in schools:

10. You get to sit and work in those tiny little chairs!

9.  The massive exposure to green runny noses, chicken pox, colds flu and lice!

8. There's always a pencil sharpener handy.

7. The plethora of exciting opportunities to explain sensory integration (and the difference between SI therapy vs. using sensory tools in schools!).

6.  The staggering weight lifting and motor planning opportunities offered by carrying bags, briefcases etc in and out of the school.

5.  The cafeteria food-where ketchup is a favorite vegetable!

4. Fire drills and the challenges they present to those children with auditory defensiveness.

3.  Snow days (for those of you up North!).

2.  Your car becomes your office.

1.  To the uniformed observer, it doesn't look like work!

For another spin on this topic, see the SLP blog:  If I Only Had Superpowers

Hope this puts a smile on your face. On a more serious note, next week I will continue the school based theme and share some time tested tips for successful collaboration.  In the meantime, please share your Top Ten Fun List with us!


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