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A Pediatric Perspective

Hurricane Sandy

Published October 31, 2012 1:12 PM by Cecilia Cruse

I hope this finds all of our East Coast readers safe and sound after Hurricane Sandy. On this Halloween, seems the "Frankenstorm" was a brutal trick and not at all a treat. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those that were impacted by the storm.  My husband works for FEMA and in his brief calls to check in I can hear the determination yet weariness (from lack of sleep) in his voice as he is one of many helping with the response efforts in the hardest hit areas of NY and NJ.  As more details emerge from this massive storm, I am in awe at some of the amazing stories of courage and dedication such as the backup generator failure that occurred at NYU's Langone Medical Center and the heroic hospital staff that successfully evacuated and transferred 260 of their critical patients (including 20 babies from the NICU) to other surrounding hospitals.  For all those stories that are making the news, I am sure there are countless other unsung heroes in communities across these regions. As a therapist, my heart goes out especially to parents of children with special needs as it must be an extra challenge to deal with all the disruptions in routine, the transitions that accompany all this change and certainly the management of medical needs as well.  We can all help the recovery efforts by making a financial donation to agencies that are assisting in these hard hit areas. Visit Save The Children, Autism Speaks or the Red Cross for more information and/or to make your pledge. 


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