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Autism Speaks Out about Newtown Tragedy

Published December 18, 2012 12:01 PM by Cecilia Cruse
In the wake of the horrible mass shooting that occurred this past Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT  one of the inferences that has come up is that the gunman Adam Lanza may have had a diagnosis of Asperger's  which incidentally, will be removed from the DSM-5 next year  as  previously discussed.   During this chaotic time of the investigation, along with trying to comfort the grief stricken families of all those involved, and support a nation needing to heal from this unthinkable tragedy, I think it may be helpful to maintain perspective about his autism diagnosis.   Please read the Statement from  Autism Speaks co-founders  Bob and Suzanne Wright.   Also, Peter Bell, the Executive VP for programs and services has appeared on Fox5's Good Day New York to discuss the research that shows no proven connection between autism and violence.  You can follow more of the discussion on the Atlantic Wire.   Let's make sure that as peds therapists, we do our best to support and represent the correct diagnosis of ASDs.   Yes, there was something not right with this 20 year old young man but let's not jump to the conclusion that his Asperger's diagnosis was the catalyst for the event.  The  bigger discussion is one of mental health and support services available for children and young adults like Adam.   Please see Advance OT Editor Jill Glomstad's posted piece from guest blogger Rich Krishner entitled An Underemphasized Lesson of the Sandy Hook Elementary Shootings for more information.  I know you join me along with millions of others around the country and the world adding our thoughts and prayers for comfort and healing to all those affected by this tragedy


I just received this update from the SPD Foundation regarding the Newtown, CT murders and the young man

February 28, 2013 3:02 PM

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