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A Pediatric Perspective

Early Intervention Resource Roundup

Published August 29, 2014 11:45 AM by Wendy Spoor-Hof
Today's blog is about resources for children and their families. When working in pediatrics, especially Birth-to-Three, you find that many families are struggling to make ends meet due to the additional costs it takes to raise a child with special needs. I'd like to offer you some resources you can share that may come in handy in different areas of need. 

Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund - provides assistance when families cannot afford the medication they need.

United Healthcare Children's Foundation - UHCCF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides grants to cover health-related services to families that their insurance may not cover or may not cover in full.  Children do not need to have insurance with United Healthcare to quailify for help.

Bright Steps Forward - Bright Steps Forward's website states that they are "a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides funding for intensive pediatric therapy to financially disadvantaged children with neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, disabilities of prematurity, autism and other congenital or acquired conditions that affect their physical functioning."

Aubrey Rose Foundation - Helps with medical bills for families who have children with a live threatening condition.  They also help with educational scholarships and assist with funding for "simple" heart procedures for needy children.

Disabled Children's Relief Fund -  Assists disabled children in obtaining wheelchairs, orthopedic braces, walkers, lifts, hearing aids, eyeglasses, medical equipment, physical therapy, and surgery.

Children's Charity Fund - Assists disabled children in obtaining medical equipment and provides scholarships to help children further their education.

Have a Heart - Helps families with children who are fighting cancer who are experiencing financial difficulties. Have a heart will assist them with medical bills, medical treatments, therapises, equipment, transportation, and household expenses.

Healthwell Foundation - "When health insurance is not enough, HealthWell fills the gap. We assist patients living with chronic and life-altering illnesses in paying their share of prescription drug copayments, deductibles, and health insurance premiums."

Kelly Bush Foundation - Assissts individuals with spinal cord injuries afford adaptive athletic equipment.

Travis Roy Foundation - Assists individuals with spinal cord injurie by providing adaptive equipment.

Gracie's Hope - Helps provide funding for a wide range of therapies for families of children with special needs. Gracie's Hope will even help with therapies that are often over looked (hyperbaric chamber, neuro and bio feedback, Chelation, etc.)

Association of Blind Citizens - provides financing up to 50% of the cost of adaptive devices and/or software.

Faith's Hope - "Our aim is to be a safety net for critically ill patients and their families. Whether the need exists for groceries, house payments, car payments, or counseling, the desire of Faith's Hope is to be there for these families in their immediate time of need."

Gia Nicole Angel Foundation - Helps with purchasing items that will enhance the daily functioning of children with special needs.

Kya's Krusade - Helps families afford adaptive equipment as well as continue to afford physical therapy, occupational thearpy, and hippotherapy sessions.

These are just a few of many different funding sources to help families with children who have special needs or are handicapped.  If you know of others that we can add to this list please message me and I would be happy to add them so others will be aware of them. 

When/If you share any of these places with your families please be sure that they read what the requirements as each application has different quialifying criteria. The other then to watch for is when their application deadline is and how frequently they look through their applications and award them to the families chosen.

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