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From Inside the Puzzle: Raising a Child with Autism Blog

Her Podcast Debut

Published May 4, 2015 9:33 AM by Devon Alley

Recently, A. was a guest for my friend Elle’s podcast: Into It. True to the overall theme, this episode focused on one of A.’s very favorite subjects: Pokemon.

I’ve mentioned Elle on this podcast before. A. is her goddaughter, and she’s been a close friend of the family for decades. I think that was part of what made A.’s presence on this podcast episode so successful - the level of comfort that already exists between the two, paired with Elle’s ability to mine A.’s conversation for the focus points and important themes. Elle was a gracious host, restating main ideas and asking good questions, allowing A. to be expressive without totally derailing the episode. 


And it worked. A.’s autism is never mentioned, and while I can hear the echolalia in her vocal cadence, it is blended with the enthusiasm and passion of a young person in love with the topic she’s discussing. She can also be very witty, making jokes and adding humorous turns of phrases that are designed to entertain. When she talks about the Pokémon Tyrantrum, for example, she says, “It’s a frickin’ T. Rex. What more could a person love in life?”


And even though A. is the youngest guest that’s ever been featured on Into It, she still carries herself with more maturity than I would have expected for her years, and I can believe when listening to her speak on this episode that she truly is about to learn to drive a car, go to prom, and start applying for college.


Not to mention, after listening to this episode, I think I finally have a true understanding of this complicated universe of Pokémon – which, of course, is really the whole point of this podcast.

Check out the Into It podcast and A.'s amazing interview.

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