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From Inside the Puzzle: Raising a Child with Autism Blog

An Online Romance, Part Three

Published July 13, 2015 4:37 PM by Devon Alley
One of the biggest pieces of news that has occurred in our household in the last year has been A.'s budding long-distance relationship with M., a friend she met on the Internet who lives in California. She has yet to meet this young man, but we are looking forward to a visit from him within the next few weeks.

I'm fascinated about the fact that A. has developed a romance over such a long distance with a friend who is also on the spectrum, but I felt awkward talking about the situation as an observer, and as a parent. I thought that, instead, I would interview A. about the situation, and let her explain in her own words. What follows is part three of this interview.

Q: So, would you consider this a serious relationship? 

A: I want to make sure it's as genuine as possible. You know - generosity?


Q: So, M. is also on the spectrum. Do you feel like you understand each other really well?

A: Mmm hmm. If you have the same interests, chances are you might have a great friendship, or possibly more than that.


Q: What is your biggest worry?

A: You know that people have thoughts about suicide and all? When people get depressed, I always worry that chances are that people would want to commit suicide. He tells me that he would never do something like that. But I still worry when he has the bad days. I hate to see him upset.


Q: Do you talk to him about your feelings?

A: Yeah. We give each other comfort and hugs - tons of hugs; all of the hugs.

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