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October 2007 - Posts

ADVANCE Perspective: Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

Issues of Infringement
by Lisa Lombardo
A recent guest editorial was sent to ADVANCE discussing the subtle encroachment of personal trainers into the domain of the physical therapy profession ( ADVANCE , Oct. 22, 2007). The writer expressed concern that personal trainers were staking claim Read More...
Moving on Up
by Rebecca Mayer
For many physical therapists, climbing the clinical ladder means eventually landing in a managerial position. PTs are health care professionals who evaluate and manage health conditions for people of all ages. But, for the most part, managing employees Read More...
Promoting Fitness
by Elizabeth Puliti
On Oct. 13, physical therapists from the Cape May County Department of Health hosted a free fitness fair at the Cape May County Park and Zoo in honor of National Physical Therapy Month. At the fair, therapists promoted the capacity for movement, evaluated Read More...
The Compliance Factor
by Lisa Lombardo
It is not uncommon to hear PTs and PTAs discuss patient compliance. Therapists often get frustrated when they feel patients are not following treatment plans or doing what they are supposed to on their own to get through therapy. But can clinicians' experience Read More...


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