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January 2009 - Posts

ADVANCE Perspective: Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

Helping Hand
by Brian Ferrie
Preview: CSM 2009 Hand rehabilitation is often considered within the realm of OT and the majority of certified hand therapists (CHT) are, in fact, occupational therapists. However, there is also more to hand rehab than the important considerations of Read More...
Some More to Look Forward to at CSM '09
by Lauren Fritsky
Preview: CSM 2009 Justin Elliott, APTA's director of state government affairs, wanted us to point out two CSM forums that might be of interest to attendees. The first is the " Current Political Topics Forum: From the Statehouse to Capitol Hill ," sponsored Read More...
Should PT be the Top Choice for Fitness and Wellness?
by Lisa Lombardo
Preview: CSM 2009 I have often heard PTs express some degree of ire when telling a story of how they encountered a personal trainer who referred to himself as a "PT." Obviously nothing sets the physical therapy profession more aflame than encroachment Read More...
So What If Everyone Is Doing it?
by Lisa Lombardo
Preview: CSM 2009 As ADVANCE 's editor, I get some interesting correspondences, either over the phone or through the mail. A PT or PTA notifies me about something going on in his state or within his own practice setting that is either unethical or illegal; Read More...
Is the PTA Profession Changing?
by Lisa Lombardo
Preview: CSM 2009 How has the changing profession of physical therapy impacted PT assistants? Changes to Medicare, third-party payer rules, an ever-aging patient population, a stagnant economy and fluctuating demand for therapy services can make an impact Read More...
Treating the Musculoskeletal Issue That Isn't
by Lauren Fritsky
Preview: CSM 2009 Back in November, ADVANCE ran a cover story on two Pennsylvania facilities conducting collaborative care clinics involving both physical therapists and physicians or family medicine residents to treat patients with musculoskeletal issues Read More...
What Do You Resolve to do in 2009?
by Elizabeth Puliti
ADVANCE wishes you a happy new year! Several editors and bloggers here have resolved to change for the better in 2009. Her are our resolutions for the new year: Jason Marketti, PTA: 1. Spend more quality time talking to my children and holding hands with Read More...


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