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March 2009 - Posts

ADVANCE Perspective: Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

PTAs Weigh In!
by Lisa Lombardo
I was happy to see my editorial from March 23 print issue (Up Front, page 3) received so much response. The editorial read in part: "How has the changing profession of physical therapy impacted PT assistants? Changes to Medicare, third-party payer rules, Read More...
Spinal Manipulation Ruling Made in New Hampshire
by Brian Ferrie
One of the most important issues currently facing physical therapy is practice infringement. With a limited pool of healthcare dollars available for reimbursement, the profession must ensure it is not closed off from specialties in which its practitioners Read More...
Is Fitness Becoming Just a Game?
by Lauren Fritsky
In recent years, video game systems have been embraced as a complement to fitness regimens and physical therapy programs for various conditions and injuries. Most notably, the Wii and Wii Fit are being used by young and old alike. Now, researchers in Read More...
Compensated for Cancer?
by Elizabeth Puliti
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, concluded in 2007 that night work is "probably carcinogenic to humans." Furthermore, the IARC classifies the cancer risk of night work as "Group 2A," the same Read More...
A Lot Can Happen in 20 Years
by Lisa Lombardo
Twenty years ago. Seems like such a long time. In 1989, I was still in college, awaiting graduation in two years and looking forward to my first job, ideally with a newspaper. I was determined to follow my dream into news reporting and, having discovered Read More...


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