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ADVANCE Perspective: Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

Your 2010 Resolution: Be a Better Businessperson

Published January 5, 2010 2:31 PM by Elizabeth Puliti
It's the first workweek of the New Year. As the resolutions roll out, the usual suspects are sure to emerge. Among your therapist colleagues, you're sure to hear a healthy dose of "stay current with research" and "be a more astute therapist" mixed in with the standard diet and exercise fare.

May we be so bold as to offer a suggestion? Resolve to be a more shrewd businessperson in 2010.

At ADVANCE, we recognize that a sizable segment of our readers and online followers are business owners in addition to being health care providers. Even those that aren't in private practice are often responsible for some degree of the reimbursement that keeps their practice or department operating. And no matter where you work, the economic downturn has forced all of us to scrutinize our money-in and money-out numbers a bit more closely.

ADVANCE is here to help. We're excited to offer targeted articles and columns designed to help you sharpen your business acumen and stay on top of important regulatory debates taking shape this year.

Every month, we feature an exclusive Management Focus article at the front of the magazine that hones in on a critical issue in practice management. Regular columns like Management 101 and Medicare Advisor keep you ahead of key developments in staffing, billing and marketing. We're also pleased to offer the expertise of Rick Gawenda, our resident Coding Clues expert and president of the APTA's Section on Health Policy and Administration, who handles your toughest Medicare and private insurance billing questions.

In February, look for a special 2-part series on purchasing and maintaining the right clinical software system for your department or practice. E-health is the wave of the future, and if you aren't prepared to ride it, you'll get swamped. This tutorial-written by Helene Fearon and Steve Levine, two of the most recognizable authorities in the field-will answer some of the most common questions surrounding clinical documentation and reimbursement software.

And of course, there's always a lot to explore on this website, from updated marketing articles by Nitin Chhoda, to additional online-only Medicare Advisor questions, to an entire "microsite" devoted to Business and Practice Management, accessible from our homepage under the "Specialty" tab.

Did you make any business-related resolutions for 2010? How do you see the business climate unfolding in the coming year, and do you expect your business to grow or retract as a result?

Finally, are there pressing topics you'd like us to visit in an upcoming issue? Let us know by leaving a comment.

There are challenges out there, but with the right tools and a little resolve, 2010 can be your most profitable year yet.


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