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April 2010 - Posts

ADVANCE Perspective: Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

Maintaining Motivation in Physical Therapy
by Cheryl McEvoy
Why don't physical therapists get mad? Because they have a lot of patients! Bad joke, I know, but it's kind of true. Physical therapy is a long and often frustrating process, for both the patient and the practitioner, so any of you bearing the Bosu ball Read More...
Paying it Forward
by Jon Bassett
There's nothing like having a major decision you've made be justified through future developments. That's what happened in the ADVANCE editorial department a few weeks ago. Last December, we profiled Elite Physical Therapy, a three-clinic Rhode Island Read More...
On Earth Day, Therapeutic Gardens Bloom
by Cheryl McEvoy
When I was a kid, I loved traipsing around my grandmother's garden. It wasn't grand, mind you, just a few rows of flowers, some stepping stones and--most importantly--a big ol' raspberry bush. (My teeth often displayed the seeds of my bounty.) I'm not Read More...
Medicare Fee Schedule Fix Extended
by Brian Ferrie
The April 16 edition of "PT in Motion: News Now" from the APTA noted the Medicare Fee Schedule fix has been extended until May 31 ( ). Following Read More...
Haitian Amputee Caught in Rehab Battle
by Cheryl McEvoy
In healthcare, competition is inevitable--it can even be beneficial, like when the push for top billing prompts new safety measures and greater accountability. But when communication breaks down and patients become pawns, competition isn't all too "healthy." Read More...
Making Physical Therapy Kid-Friendly
by Cheryl McEvoy
Kids have quite the imagination, but instead of tossing their ideas to whimsy, we may want to put them in action. An 11-year-old boy is credited with finding a new way to make physical therapy more entertaining for children: bring on the bubble wrap. Read More...
Keeping Stress in Check
by Rebecca Mayer
You know this scenario. Your morning is off to a rough start because your alarm clock failed to wake you at 6:00 a.m. (Read: you were so tired the night before that you mistakenly set the clock for 6:00 p.m.), your 10-year-old informs you over breakfast Read More...


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