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October 2010 - Posts

ADVANCE Perspective: Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

Tweaking laptop posture
by Danielle Bullen
Are you reading this post on a laptop? Are you hunched over, shoulders in ears, as you furiously pound away at the keyboard. Or perhaps you're relaxing on your stomach, head and neck bent at an awkward angle. Trust me, you're not alone. At the office, Read More...
Have you Ever Harmed a Patient?
by Jon Bassett
I read a post today that astounded me. As the father of a child who was born with an orthopedic issue -- developmental dysplasia of the hips, or DDH -- I still monitor a popular list serve devoted to the condition. Although DDH is usually correctible Read More...
The Healing Power of the Outdoors
by Rebecca Mayer
Yesterday afternoon I stood witness as an elderly patient with respiratory failure cherished the feeling of wind on his face on a clear and crisp autumn day. It was exhilarating. Armed with a portable ventilator and a respiratory therapist, Robert Cox Read More...
Concussion Conundrums: Not Just a Kick in the Head
by Lisa Lombardo
If you think you've been hearing a lot about concussions in the news recently, you haven't been imagining things. It took just one week of the start of the National Football League's 2010-2011 season to bring concussions to the forefront. On that given Read More...
CPR: Forget what you know?
by Danielle Bullen
If you're a physical therapist you must be certified in CPR to earn your state license. But what kind of CPR do you know? Chances are it combines chest compressions to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which has long been the gold standard. Results of a recent Read More...
Happier Feet
by Brian Ferrie
ADVANCE published an article about plantar fasciitis in our Oct. 4 issue titled "Happier Feet" ( ). Interestingly, the condition can be prevalent both among competitive Read More...
Refill your Coffee Cup
by Danielle Bullen
Our Facebook page recently featured a discussion on coffee. Physical therapists enthusiastically chimed in to talk about the amount they consume each day. It's no secret that a good (or not-so-good) cup of coffee can help workers get through a grueling Read More...
Real Men Wear Pink Ribbons
by Rebecca Mayer
If you watched the NFL at all on Sunday or Monday this week, you undoubtedly noticed that the players, coaches and referees were highlighted in an unlikely color. Pink shoes? Check. Pink sweatbands? Check. Pink chinstraps? Check. Pink is the official Read More...


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