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Bald & Beautiful for Cancer

Published October 11, 2011 12:23 PM by Rebecca Mayer
On Friday afternoon, like so many others, I set off on a trip for the holiday weekend. I was driving North on Interstate 95 just south of Boston, MA, and my breath was taken away by a billboard.

Yes, a billboard.

I haven't been able to shake the image since. Its impact was awesome.

With a striking image of a young girl wearing a bald cap, the billboard reads: "Don't laugh, it's for my Grandma."

The billboard was for Be Bold, Be Bald!, a national fundraising event in which participants wear a bald cap to honor cancer patients and raise awareness and funds for local and national cancer organizations that serve to help them and their families.

On October 21, thousands of people across the country will participate in the third annual Be Bold, Be Bald! cancer fundraising event by wearing nylon, skin-toned caps that make participants appear bald. Not only will these people be raising funds for many cancer charities but, more importantly, they will be showing solidarity with those who battle cancer and don't have a choice about losing their hair.

There are many ways to get involved: sign up to be bald; make a donation; sponsor someone; or spread the word.

Setting itself apart from most cancer fundraising events, the Be Bold, Be Bald! campaign enables participants to stand with those battling the disease, and briefly feel what it's like to lose their hair, even if it's just for one day.

Be Bold, Be Bald! is managed by Small Army for a Cause, a 501c3 organization committed to helping raise awareness and funds for medical-related causes. Small Army for a Cause was founded in 2008 by Boston Advertising Agency, Small Army, which has a very personal connection to the cause. The initiative began to honor its co-founder, Mike Connell, a two-time cancer survivor who lost his life to the disease in November 2007.

As the event draws near, people have been tweeting up a storm in anticipation. Here are some recent tweets:

"If you tell 10 people, then they tell 10 people, then they tell 10 people...well, you get the idea."

"Lose your hair for one day. Gain insight that will last a lifetime."

"Wearing a bald cap on 10/21 will change your look. But, more importantly, it will change your perspective."

"If you're too vain to go bald for just one day, perhaps you should consider sponsoring someone who isn't."

What events is your facility involved in to raise awareness for cancer?


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