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March 2012 - Posts

ADVANCE Perspective: Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

Top Schools
by Danielle Bullen
Recently, we posted this list of the top physical therapy schools, as selected by US News and World Report. The magazine ranked the schools based on surveys sent to deans and other high ranking university officials. The sole criteria was "the academic Read More...
Run a Half-Marathon? Check.
by Rebecca Mayer
I completed my first half-marathon yesterday. Needless to say, I cannot walk without groaning or using the handrail on my stairway today, but the pain is certainly worth it. As one spectator's sign read along the New Bedford Half-Marathon course, "The Read More...
The 'P' Word
by Jon Bassett
"Placebo" has had a derogatory connotation in health care, implying that a trusted physician or therapist is knowingly administering -- and charging for -- a treatment that's known to have zero clinical effect. But when it comes to manual therapy, it Read More...
Advice for New Grads: What Not to Wear
by Lisa Lombardo
Prior to attending APTA's Combined Sections Meeting last month, I took a look at the programming schedule for more unique presentations that stand out from the rest of the clinical-heavy programming. I'll pick a few out to feature in preview blogs for Read More...


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