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August 2010 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Incorporating the Sweet Details
by Allison Young
As I move forward into my summer vacation certain aspects of my former self, AKA "my life before PTA school" have risen back to the surface of daily relevance. The first extracurricular activity that was abandoned like dead weight in my quest for more Read More...
An SPTA's Summer: Better Late Than Never
by Allison Young
Week one of summer vacation has come to an end (why, yes - it just began for me) and to say the dust is just beginning to settle would be a slight understatement. Although my 8 a.m. "OMG, my alarm didn't go off" panic attacks have ceased, I do find I Read More...
Final Week Worries
by Allison Young
Greetings from the trenches of finals week summer ‘10! Where apparently one is not immune to a chest congestion cold in mid-August and everyone in the world (with the exception of the other members of your cohort) are living on "island time." I am truly Read More...
Studying... and the Art of Distraction
by Allison Young
Generally, focusing on my studies is a daily battle that I usually win. It has taken nearly the whole 11 months I've been in school to hone an effective study ethic that results in decent grades and my children being fed every night. I equate myself to Read More...


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