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December 2010 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Anatomy of a Resolution
by Allison Young
Generally, I have never invested much thought in "New Year resolutions." Although a noble idea, I figure if I need motivation to lose 10 pounds or start a gratitude journal, I can jumpstart those goals any day of the year, let alone January 1 st . I vividly Read More...
Clinical Inspiration
by Allison Young
Being a procrastinator has never served me well during the holiday season. Even before I began the PTA program (when my house stayed generally clean and I had time for recreational reading), I would wait until the week before Christmas to do the bulk Read More...
Performance Failure
by Allison Young
Greetings, from the other side of final exam week! For those of you following along at home, I took my exit exam from the PTA program last Friday after a week full of finals. I would love to inform you that I sailed through the week with nary a worry Read More...
Catching My Breath
by Allison Young
Recently in our neuro rehab class, we were taught about diaphragmatic breathing. We were instructed on the technique, what patient population to utilize it on and proper cueing. As I lay on the plinth, palpating my own abdomen for the inevitable rise Read More...
Study Break (for Snow)
by Allison Young
Have you ever been in a situation that seems completely out of control yet requires you to be the responsible and confident decision-maker? I would love to relay a harrowing example from the front lines of the clinic - but unfortunately, I won't. My experience Read More...


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