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January 2011 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Self Evaluation
by Allison Young
As the last week of one of my last clinical affiliations comes to a close, I'm stunned at the amount of valuable information I've learned. I have to admit, I was nervous when I found out I would have to master large pieces of Pilates equipment for basic Read More...
Clinical Advice
by Allison Young
Over the past holiday season, I came across one of those quarter-sized, clever "quote" buttons that people pin to a coat lapel or the sun visor of their car. This particular saying, "Take it easy... and move on" struck me as being profoundly relevant Read More...
The Human Connection
by Allison Young
In the (almost) 2 years I've been in the PTA program, I've learned countless skills and information regarding the movement and anatomy of the body. I dutifully memorized OIANs for each and every muscle, practiced palpation and end feel patterns and became Read More...
Clinical Fatigue
by Allison Young
Having officially finished the first week of a full-time clinical, I can only express amazement at my luck for choosing such a rewarding profession... and my complete exhaustion. The positives of this clinical experience are numerous. From my fantastic Read More...


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