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February 2011 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Documentation Management 101
by Allison Young
Each week in clinical, as my comfort with the patients, PT staff and EMR grows, so do my duties as a (student) PTA. Initially I was given one or two patients to lead completely through treatment with subsequent documentation. I quickly developed a rapport Read More...
Career Advice Confusion
by Allison Young
After 7-and-a-half weeks of my 10-week final clinical rotation, I feel I've hit a healthy stride. Gone are the days when I dreaded the moment my CI would ask me an anatomy or therapy protocol question. OK, I'll admit I still kick myself for answering Read More...
ADD: Assistive Device Denial
by Allison Young
Last week, a patient handed me a magazine he had been reading in the waiting room. He had not finished the article he was reading and politely asked if I could copy it. I, of course, obliged and asked the man what the article was about. As it turns out, Read More...
Managing Stress: One Clinical at a Time
by Allison Young
Last weekend my husband brought home two full-size "Tom" turkeys, weighing roughly 25 pounds each. As we have upwards of 30 chickens and a few adult female turkeys in the backyard, this wasn't completely out of the ordinary. It does however, represent Read More...


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