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March 2011 - Posts

Life of a PTA

You're Hired! (I Am? Really?)
by Allison Young
This just in: I was offered a job! Although I knew (and hoped) this was the ultimate goal in my challenging student journey, I have to say it still feels a bit unreal. Between the full-time clinical schedule of my last quarter in school and adjusting Read More...
Graduation! Now What?
by Allison Young
As the haze of finishing the PTA program settles in, I'm finding it quite anticlimactic to accomplish this major goal that has taken nearly three years of my life (one year of night school pre-requisites). The Monday morning after my last clinical week, Read More...
Ode to a Fantastic CI
by Allison Young
Well folks, after two years of hard work, countless hours of studying and anxiety-driven crying spells, I have officially finished the PTA program this week. As outgoing students, we will be throwing ourselves an "informal" graduation reception next week Read More...
SPTA to PTA: Seeking Growth
by Allison Young
As a student, I've made my fair share of mistakes during clinical. Feeling completely overwhelmed has only recently ceased being my primary state during most clinical days. Slowly but surely, I've acclimated to the role and expectations placed on a PTA. Read More...


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